POE Chaos Recipe Loot Filter Guide

If you want to desire a loot filter to swap to according to your normal mapping filter. I'll begin by detailing the requirements, making general recommendations after. And if you have a great demand on poe orbs, you can buy some orbs from the gold sellers, for example, R4PG, PoecurrencyBuy, Poe4orbs and more other sellers, you don't need to farm orbs by yourself all the time.

If you are relatively unskilled with customizing loot filters yourself (whether inside a text editor or on filter blade.xyz's web-based template editor, I highly recommend watching this video by Neversink, which matches into detail regarding how to particularly produce a loot filter for that Chaos Recipe. The majority of what I am going to discuss is included step-by-step with this video, however, I furthermore personalize this method. Set your filter as follows:

Start your filter with a minimum of the Strict template.

I suggest at the minimum hiding transmutes/whetstones/scraps/any nets below Strong Steel (lv64 ), don't show any chromatic vendor products, set jewelers/alts/chance/Strong Steel nets to 50% opacity and size=37-38. As I think you need to pressure you to ultimately hide these entirely, the opacity is a great compromise because of not over-emphasizing poe currency for your brain in "mapping mode" while still departing the choice to get it whether it's rhythmically convenient.

Should you run formed maps, set different colors and sounds for formed maps compared to standard map drop (I've separate sounds for t10, t11-14, and t15 formed maps).

Remove trash uniques bigger than 1x3/2x2 (or 2x3 in the largest), minimizing the opacity and text size trash uniques generally. Vendoring trash uniques is really a lifesaver for sustaining alchs, but lots are >=2x3 space-wasters and can really pointlessly fuck you up if you are also obtaining recipe shit. Should you choose to remove uniques over a certain size, make certain you particularly show the initial Imperial Staff base type (Agnerods, Vinktar map vendor ingredients) because these are 2x4 but cost 3c.

Certainly, lower the opacity of T2 and below elder/shaper products (you will find preset sections with this within the filterblade.xyz web editor) which are below ilvl80. They are awesome the very first couple of occasions they drop. They are very uncool the following hundred couple of occasions you've ID'd 2x4 trash. Don't misinform your "mapping brain" with bad visual bait.

Keep T1 base rares at default Strict settings should you generally pick these up anyway, though I suggest a minimum of shedding the dimensions lower to 38-40. I highly recommend using Imbued Wands / Corsair Swords as Chaos Recipe fodder but keeping them within the T1 category. T1 Evasion (Lion Pelt, Slink Mitts/Boots) and Armour (Royal/Eternal Burg., Goliath/Titan Gauntlets/Greaves) 2x2's may bring you consistent sellable earnings (5-20c/hr) but sellable 1x3 weapons are comparatively needles within the haystack especially beyond the first couple of times of the league.

Show only rare body armors>ilvl60 and <=ilvl74. Give these a distinct background (I use desaturated purple) and a slightly small size (35-37). You will need more of these outside the recipe quad tab (additional ~12 per full Chaos Recipe quad) and you will be running two to three T1-T4 maps per quad tab clearout to fill these out. (Rare armors are the most plentiful type of rare drop, and we need something to reliably "gimp" our recipe down from ilvl75  regals to ilvl60-74 chaos, so armors are our bitch slot to make sure we spend as little sunk time serving the recipe in trash maps as possible).

Show only weapons which are >ilvl60 and 1x3 size. Give these a definite background (I personally use a desaturated salmon) along with a slightly small size (35-37). You'll need a much greater number of these outdoors the recipe quad tab (additional ~20-30) to accomplish a complete quad tab recipe clearout. Again, you shouldn't be shy about using non-formed/elder Imbued Wands / Corsair Swords as fodder their selling potential is garbage. Avoid using 1x4 foils for that recipe ever it'll destroy your tab layout and cause an excessive amount of micromanagerial inefficiency.

Show only T2 and below rare helmets/mitts/boots which are >ilvl60. Give these a definite background (I personally use flat blue) along with a lower size (35-37). You won't need refill extras of these beyond what's going to fill the quad tab. It's reasonably important with regard to efficient visual parsing to provide these 3 groups of products their very own colors.

Optionally but ideally, leave the colors of T2 belts intact (Chain Belt, Rustic Sash, Cloth Belt, Heavy Belt) but reduce their size to ~38. Whether you will still ID Leather Belts can be you (though using the creation of Stygian Vises and Abyss Jewels Mod, Leather Belts are not as easy to warrant sell value for. You'll also have enough belts regardless of whether you enter Leathers or otherwise.).

Never micromanage rings/amulets by base type. This can fuck yourself on time- and earnings-efficiency, those are the bottleneck towards the recipe, and before you know you do not need the recipe any longer you are not really finding jewelry with consistent enough sell value that outstrips the earnings rate from the unID'd the recipe.


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