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Albion Online Curse Staff QoL

Albion Online: the demonic staff and it's e-ability

For starter I'll like to showcase what the current curse staff line is all about. A look at the demonic staff e, followed by my qol for it and some random suggestions. Here we go!!

The curse staff provides strong constant single target damage via dots from its q-spell. Additionaly they can offer suppport via an aoe immobilize, a armor and magic resist pierce, or enhance their single target further via a damage beam. Most e abilities of the curse staff have some interaction with the q-spell. Resulting in a nasty single target burst, or aoe application of the q-spell. Only the e-spell from the demonic staff is excluded.

Current .3 demonic staff e-spell, deals damage to all enemies standing in the area, decreasing the healing recieved. Once people exit the area the debuff and damage is gone.


- Let the healing debuff linger a bit longer on targets that exit the area of the staff. Something like 2-3 seconds. Would increase the threat of the skill.

- Add a small crippling effect fo…

Albion Online: MG Vs Echo of Noobs

They tried, they failed. I hope at least some of them will consider their position and that maybe, maybe this isnt the right game for them. I'm thinking tetris for these folks:

What Changes Will Affect Bows in Albion Online

So the bows are some of the most interesting weapons in the game. The insane mobility and CC they can dish out makes it possible for a bow user to survive situations that no other class could survive. This is the reason why currently bows are overpowered. There is very few counters to them, and the few counters that exist are too specialized. So the game needs to have more counters to bows. But at the same time we don't want to ruin the uniqueness and very fun gameplay of the weapon. So the best way to accomplish this would be some rather indirect nerfs. These are the best suggestions and ideas that I found on the forum and came up with:

Make roots stronger by changing the way that displacement abilities work
Currently, if you have a displacement ability (Blink, Delayed Teleport, Dodge, Frost Arrow, others), you can still move despite having a root on you. The game simply ignores the root for purposes of all displacement abilities. This should not be the case.
In stead, make it a …

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