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Revelation Online – Guide for Beginners

As with any MMO nowadays, they may have a few things in common with the last one you played, but the likelihood is things aren't quite what they were in comparison and might take a little getting used to. If that's the case then that's where this guide comes in!

First things first, let's take a quick look at the number of classes you can pick from:

1. Vanguard – Tank
2. Blademaster – DPS/Partial-Tank
3. Occultist – DPS/Partial-Healer
4. Spiritshaper – Healer
5. Gunslinger – DPS
6. Swordmage – DPS

The majority of the classes and their roles speak for themselves, but the partial-roles can be construed as a tad confusing here and there, so allow me to explain. A partial-healer or a partial-tank is a subsection of a class that allows small amounts of healing or tanking that would work either in solo-dungeoning or small raid groups. Keep that in mind, however that if you're wishing to use these roles as a full on tank or healer, you will be in for a very bad surprise. These roles aren't meant for end-game dungeons or raids, but when it comes to soloing you will be perfectly fine without anyone focusing on one or the other.

One thing the game doesn't do a great job of teaching you, but is incredibly useful, regardless of how much time you've actually put into the game is the use of autopathing. You can either load up the map and click an area on it to run to it automatically or you can click on a quest with a white line under it and your character will start to run to the NPC in question for the quest. This is definitely one of those things that you'll want to keep in mind when you can't be bothered to go for a long run or you need a quick 5 minute break, but would prefer to keep making some progress when you step away from the keyboard for a moment.

Depending on the class you pick, there is going to be a set attribute that you're going to want to put into it one way or another. Follow the list below to know which stats should come first and then second:

1. Vanguard – Physique and Strength as secondary
2. Blademaster – Strength and Dexterity as secondary
3. Occultist – Dexterity and Intelligence as secondary
4. Spiritshaper – Spirit and Intelligence as secondary
5. Gunslinger – Dexterity and Strength as secondary
6. Swordmage – Intelligence and Dexterity as secondary

To make things a touch easier to level up so you can get towards the more interesting parts of the game, be sure to follow along with the following advice:

Up to level 20 you're going to be stuck on the tutorial island, so you won't have any real way to make things any quicker for you or your character.

Level 20 and Up!

From level 20 you can take on the Darkfall dungeon on easy mode for a total of 5 times in one day. Be sure to take on any and all quests that you come in contact with, as they're bound to get you some considerable experience for your character. One thing you most assuredly won't want to squander is the daily quests because there are a number of them for you to choose from, all the while getting a considerable chunk of XP whenever you finish one.

After you hit level 29, be sure to go into your rewards section and enjoy your brand new wings to fly about wherever you see fit!

Level 30 – 35

Between level 30 and 35 you'll have access to a number of brand new dailies that you can finish about 5 times per day and providing that you do this on a regular basis you're going to be hitting the level cap much quicker than you might be expecting.

There are some MMORPG's out there where dailies aren't nearly as important as grinding or PVP, but Revelation Online definitely isn't one of them.

The top tip I can give to anyone wishing to put some serious time into this MMO is to do your dailies every single chance you get. There is a considerable amount of XP you can get from these dailies, so getting them done and out the way is the easiest way to level up for whatever character or class you choose to play.

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The Need To Know About Character Progression Paths In Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a really fun MMO. Set in a mystical Chinese setting (that is actually inspired by some very popular Chinese books) with some of the best character creating tools we have seen in quite a while. While most of us are having a lot of fun with Revelation Online. Some people are having a hard time getting to grips with it and doing a lot of complaining about how “hard” it is. Well today we have a simple article telling you the basics of character paths in Revelation Online. If you understand these basics then you will find that the game is much more fun and you are able to build your character to something that you really like and will have a great time playing as.

You will find that you have a much more fun time grinding away if you know when the next progression path and all the cool new skills it offers is going to happen. Revelation Online is actually pretty fair with its progression paths and you are never stuck on one level too long. But they keep you there just long enough so that you get a good hand on the abilities you already have. Remember that before the game will let you unlock each path, you must have an elemental essence which you will obtain by doing the appropriate path quest it puts before you.

Level 29: Novitate
Level 39: Journeyman
Level 49: Wanderer
Level 59: Adventurer
Level 69: Intrepid
Level 79: Conquer

As well as reaching a higher level certain paths will require that you achieve other things before you can move onto a new path. Things like upgrade certain skills to a certain level, earn so many cultivation points, learn a certain skill and so on. Some paths require more than others.

One of the best bit of advices we can give you here is to not rush through it just so you can get to a higher level and on a new path. Have fun, really learn your character and what works for you. This is the best way to not only get the most out of the game, but also ensure that your character is ready for some of the more epic and tough stuff later in the game!

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I have some concerns about Albion Online

While I haven't seen unplayable lag since Alpha (I missed Faye's launch so not sure how it handled) it was a far more limited size than what we will expect at release. With the No Man's Sky debacle I know they planned for 13,000 players on day one and got 500k players (they only had 1 part time network guy allotted at launch, and hardly the only problem they had with the game but that can be discussed in another thread).

As each game title gets released they get absolutely slammed (and makes life terrible for games the required to be online) as players in general are devouring content faster than ever, and leaving for the next game just as quick. Compounding to Albion's potential popularity at launch is the fact this will be one of the most comprehensive games available for the mobile/tablet market.

A bad launch for any can be fairly disastrous for the player base and sticks in peoples minds for years to come (error 37 anyone?). Any chance of some reassurances @Bercilak @Korn @Talion and how release is going to be handled and what safe guards are in place? Any details such as:

- Number of players you are estimating for release?
- Do your servers allow for a great deal of flexibility as far as expansion goes? Will you have hardware ready to go or will you need to ship it across country while the player base is howling the forums?
- What safe guards do you have in place to protect the stability of the game if it gets overloaded? Will you consider suspension of starter packs until you are able to deal with this?
- Do you guys have adequate tiered plans/tactics/responses in place if the game is popular, extremely popular or stupid popular?
- Will you stagger platform releases (as in launch Android a few days later once server stability is verified)

I do understand you can't tell us the nitty-gritty of the plans you have in place but some broader overviews would help to reassure people like myself.

The only company that I have seen handle this progressively more common phenomenon (and only through the school of hard knocks of some pretty disastrous launches) is Blizzard, with the very smooth launches (not perfect but very smooth overall) of Overwatch and Legion compared to the population of players that hit the servers.

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ARK: Survival Evolved to Reward the Modding Community $4000 Each Month

ARK: Survival Evolved modders will have a chance to receive a total of $4000 monthly price reward from the developer Studio Wildcard.

Jeremy Stieglitz, the lead designer and lead programmer of ARK Survival Evolved, explained how the payment program will work.

Each month 15 selected modders will be rewarded and paid a total amount of $4,000 USD. The developer will evaluate these modders and determine whether to continue to pay them next month. According to Stieglitz, there is the possibility to let more modders to win the reward each month in the future.

Many mods developers put their spare time into the mod, which is often difficult to realize besides a profession or study. The studio Wildcard would like to give these developers the opportunity to do the modding and let more time flow into the development. The studio hopes that the mods will be finally completed and the community will be available as a complete product.

The reward system is facing a few difficulties. Models, skins, textures or codes are borrowed from each other. Sometimes this causes conflicts in the Modder community. Just recently there was the case of two ARK modders, both working on a Pokémon mod. The dinosaurs were replaced by Pokemon.

The studio expects the modders to take up conflicts of this kind in their own hands and clarify them. Once a modder joins the program, Studio Wildcard grants them the right to work. If disputes arise about copyright infringement, it is left to the modder how he handles it.

Anyone who participates in the program as a modder is required to transfer his sources to the Wildcard team. Games like ARK Survival Evolved often receives patches and updates that can make a mod unusable.To keep the sponsored Mods alive, Wildcard sees this security network as necessary. The developers of ARK would only do this if the modder itself would not be able to perform the update on the mod itself.

Kritika Online Is Coming to NA and EU This Year

En Masse Entertainment announced the Korean action MMORPG Kritika Online will be released later this year in North America and Europe. Kritika Online is an anime style hack 'n' slash game with stunning combat effects.

The game provides a unique pick-up-and-play experience, with intense, fast-paced gaming sessions punctuated by high-flying action in a unique gaming universe. Players will choose from four different character classes, and upgrade attacks and spells to generate the biggest, baddest, most butt-kickingest player character possible.

What is new in the Path Of Exile 3.0 update

We released the Article for Path of Exile Update 2.6.0 before, and this time we released the article of update 3.0. Hopefully it would be helpful to you. Just in case you were wondering what is new in the Path Of Exile 3.0 update and if you need to stock up on Path Of Exile Orbs before it happens we want to share with you a few of the cool and noteworthy things that we know about before the big update drops in June.

The first thing that is blowing many people's minds about Path Of Exile 3.0 is the acts. We all knew there would be a new act or even a couple of new acts. But the 3.0 update has an astonishing ten new acts! How insane and awesome is that?

So this means that cruel and merciless are pretty much gone now and the game will be a straightforward and tremendous ten act play through which is a real game changer. Of course we have to get through the 2.6 update and there is a new league happening in March which will not have any of the new upcoming changes. So we have a lot tide us over with here, but come June or July fans of Path Of Exile are going to be just incredibly excited. Playing through ten acts is going to be a lot of fun and provide a challenge where you will get a real sense of progression when you are going through it. Just make sure that you have more than enough Path Of Exile Orbs before this update drops and do not be tempted to use them before it gets released! Path Of Exile 3.0 is arguably the biggest thing to happen to the game since its launch and to say we are excited is a huge understatement.

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