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PoE 3.3 Occultist Witch Build | Millions of DPS, Decent Clearspeed

This is a very special Occultist build for all Path of Exile players that love Witch most, if you are one of these guys, this build is your best choice, it's full with Dark Pact and can easily cause millions of DPS when you are facing your enemies, the only things you need to consider is how to get more PoE Currency, you know, money is everything in both real world and virtual world.

-millions of DPS with affordable gear (8mil Shaper dps with 10ex invested in 3.3 Incursion)
-interesting mechanics
-cheap to start with
-good league starter
-decent clearspeed if you self-cast
-safe clearspeed if you cast on skeletons
-doesn't rely on flasks
-in case of danger provides an instant escape if you manage to have some corpses in a good spot near to you

-difficult to play (definitely not a one button build)
-maxing your gear may sink some currency
-not super tanky

An Assassin is another wise decision with this build. It's greater DPS potential but does not provide + 1 cu…