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Path of Exile: 30 Tips for New Player

Hey guys, everyone that comes to my blog must know that I am an old player of Path of Exile, I have been playing it for years and spend thousands of hours on it. And I think I am a clever guy, I always have some great ideas about the game, so this time, I am going to show you 30 tips:

1) Don't obsess within the speed other medication is clearing content, some prefer racing but there's no tangible reward aside from bragging legal rights, just benefit from the ride

2) Activate the default loot filter (or make use of a downloaded one like Neversink) within the options UI tab

3) Organize your skill tree in early stages, a minimum of 60 points ahead of time which means you don't Be sorry afterward (hehe)

4) Collect all currency products like poe exalted orbs, chaos orbs, fusing orbs, transmutation orbs, including scrolls of knowledge and portal scrolls

5) Do not use the majority of the currency products (except the most typical ones like transmutation, alteration, alchemy orbs…

Path of Exile Guide - The Leech Slayer

Hey guys, I have been playing Path of Exile 3.2 for weeks and my favorite character is Slayer, maybe I am not a super player of PoE, but I do have some thoughts on Slayer leeching, and I'd like to share my tips with all of you.

You know, I definitely believe that Slayer is definitely the easiest method to do this because Slayer leech is totally OP within the lab for traps and also the spikey harm to Lazaro and argus, but the actual way it works is actually complicated. I didn't really comprehend it myself until I just read up about all the mechanics and built a spreadsheet to describe it. Since the remainder of you will be leeching with time just like a noob together with me next patch, I believed I'd share my insights into Slayer leech since I've observed many people about this sub don't really comprehend the weird leech mechanics. Sorry for that wall of the text adopted with a spreadsheet, however it takes that to know everything IMO.

If you're mapping like a…

Path of Exile Guardian Maps Guide

When we deal with the Guardian maps in Path of Exile, we do really need some good tips and tactics to have a better drop and earnings. It's no doubt that unlocking uber elder is effective for farming currency and get better rewards in Bestiary league. But we still need to think twice before you fight with the bosses.

Once I unlocked uber elder lately I made the decision to take an attempt of running 100 guardian maps and recording the earnings I make. Since I Have really hate Chimera and Hydra appears just like a generally bad map to operate for returns, I only centered on Phoenix and Minotaur, mostly to possess some variety. For pure profit I’d most likely go with Minotaur, additionally, it comes with an simpler boss and nil backtracking to really make it easier. I made the decision to make use of sextants regularly the very first time ever (I only began playing PoE mid-Abyss, which means this was my first serious farming session), but running all 4 guardians should work too for…

How to Start Path of Exile As a Newbie

Path of Exile is really a great ARPG, but it's not so easy for a new player to begin this game, it's hard to understand when you are first beginning out. It features a very steep learning curve with no Tutorial to help you get into the game. A minimum of at that time I'm typing this informative guide it doesn't.

However, that can help people much like me, who write guides, to enjoy supplying you information and tell newbies why to play Path of Exile! Before jumping in to the game I suggest you look at this page over, it provides you with links with other guides which help you begin your child steps in to the game.

When you initially begin to play the sport you will need to get all of the White-colored, Blue and Yellow products you discover. There's no hard financial system hanging around, all products are ordered along with other products and then any products you need to sell are offered for other products. The majority of the white-colored products you sell are s…

PoE: how to make a better Bestiary league

The new season has started for weeks and the Bestiary league already released, but not all of the players agree that Bestiary is far more interesting than Abyss, yes, I am one of these players.

Thinking about the current player reaction towards bestiary league, I believed I'd compile and share my ideas the way I think the Bestiary league might meet be what players want:

▶  Further rebalancing unused uniques: The fated versions go a lengthy means by improving bad uniques, and that I especially like the thought of uniques getting different 'paths' they are able to take such as the magnate belt. You will find a number of ones left as well as fated ones which are still rather underwhelming, I'd like to see further efforts

▶  Rebalancing unused, weak skills: I think this can be a factor that the majority of the community anticipates. Wherever its just simple buffs on their own damage, AoE, or perhaps a complete rework and perhaps reverting the AoE nerfs.

▶  Master rework: …

Forza Motorsport 7 Track List 2018

Hey guys, are you still playing Forza Motorsport 7 now, which may be the best racing game of Microsoft. If you are an old player of this game, you must know that there are about 32 Tracks in the game, which track is your favorite?

Inside a recent exclusive article by R4PG, Turn 10 revealed all 32 circuits and locations which have been confirmed for FM7 -although, there's just one new track.

New featured location: Dubai (Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road and concrete center)

Xbox 360 Console-era coming back locations: Walnut Valley Raceway, Mugello (area of the E3 floor demo)^, Suzuka^

However, while there aren't many new tracks towards the franchise, you will find new weather options which have been put into FM7 - for example, Suzuka while it is raining, and also the Circuit from the Americas during the night.

Apparently, all of the circuits may have unique night and day conditions, including racing while it is raining during the night, although rain won't be accessible it's…

Better Chance to Capture Spirit Beasts in Bestiary

Is that so hard to capture Spirit Beasts in the Bestiary league? maybe to most of PoE players, that would be really difficult, so Grinding Gear Games is deploying a big change that greatly elevated the speed that you simply encounter the 4 Legendary Monsters that grant accessibility Spirit Animal fights.

Bestiary continues to be running for 2 days to date, so GGG has stored an eye on data regarding the number of individuals are being able to access the finish-game content within the Bestiary league. They initially prevented growing the spawn rate of those monsters until they would deploy Animal Buying and selling because there were certainly economic implications of great importance and simpler economic use of these monsters.

Now Grinding Gear Games has Animal Buying and selling data for any couple of days, and they are confident with growing how frequently you encounter these monsters. You'll now be stumbled upon an Animal that grants use of among the four Spirit Boss fights rou…

My Personal Oni-Gorochi Farming Strategies

Yes, Oni-Gorochi farming was my biggest headache and trouble-maker, I really don't have must good tips for Oni-Gorochi farming, but when I found a site called, I have bought Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb from them, and also learn some good strategies to farm Oni-Gorochi.

Oni-Goroshi is a unique Charan's Sword in Path of Exile and everyone wants to get it as soon as possible. You know I have used 4 characters, I used 3 and it was frustrating at level 7. Scion is likely best, but I used Shadow because it 3-shots Hillock. It'll take about 60-70 minutes /played per character to get them to 7, rotating through characters it'll probably take about 4 to 4.5 hours to get four characters to 7.

Twilight Strand appears to consider about 90-100 seconds to reset, it had been usually fine after about 93-94 seconds, but may it wasn't. And So I think it's some random value between 90 and 100 seconds to reset.

Hillock always will get you to definitely level 2, there's …

Path of Exile 3.2.1 Patch Notes

Grinding Gear Games has just announced the 3.2.1 patch, which will have some improvements for the Bestiary league and also fix a lot of bugs in 3.2.0 Content Update. it's hard to make money in 3.2.0, in spite of I have some good path of exile currency guide, so I think 3.2.1 patch is necessary. They are intending to deploy this patch tomorrow (in early Friday, NZ time). Browse the full patch notes, while you are awaiting this update:
Now you can trade Monsters along with other players. Just purchase a Bestiary Orb from Einhar after which apply it to a particular Beast inside your Menagerie. The resultant item may then be for auction on trade sites and traded with other players through the secure trade screen. To allow the monster from the item, perfect-click it. Adding Beast to your Menagerie by doing this doesn't grant progress for the "Complete the Bestiary" challenge.Added two new teams of Beastcrafting recipes. The very first group of recipes create various item …

Path of Exile 3.2.1 Will Come in Days

About two weeks ago, the 3.2.0 Content Update and Bestiary has been released, which means the new season started, but we all agree that the 3.2.0 versions need more improvements so the new 3.2.1 patch will be published in the middle of this week. And below are some details of the coming changes in 3.2.1 patch notes:

Our goal would be to deploy enhancements to Bestiary League every time they are prepared, instead of stockpiling them into large patches. Within this vein, Grinding Gear Games has already released ten small patches because the league began, and also have a lot more to visit as feedback continues. This specific 3.2.1 patch needs a realm restart, so this is exactly why it's more changes compared to other smaller sized patches did.

Please be aware that the below list isn't the full patch notes, and it is definitely not all of the alterations for this league. It's what they are likely to have ready and tested for the center of now. Also, observe that anything can a…

The Bestiary League and Content Update 3.2.0 Launch on Xbox One Today!

Grinding Gear Games has announced that the Bestiary Challenge league and Content Update 3.2.0 will going live today on Xbox One!

The world goes lower and patching begins on: Mar 07, 2018 4:00 PM, this time around is displayed in your local timezone.

The expected downtime is roughly 1 hour. Patch notes are going to be published during the time of launch. The Abyss League and Supporter Packs may also finish at the moment. Once the Bestiary League is live the Bestiary Supporter Packs may also become available!

Read much more about the Bestiary league and 3.2.0's features here!

Most of the Xbox players are happy with this, they all comments on the forum immediately:


Such a late start, guess I'm getting no sleep for work tomorrow. Can't wait. 

THis is weird, the forum shows current time in utc, not my local time, so does this time for the release show now MY local time, or the local time the forum thinks i have? Can't you give UTC times?


Strong 3 Occultist Witch Builds for the Bestiary League

Hey guys, Path of Exile 3.2.0 has been released in last week and all players are happy with the Bestiary League, and some players are going to find some better ways to get money in POE 3.2, and of course, they need some good build too, so I'd like to share some Occultist Witch builds with you:
[3.2 THEORY CRAFT] Tri-Curse Occultist LL RF/Scorching Ray ENDGAME Build I've performed the existence and LL form of RF, however, I found myself experiencing the LL version much more because it has more damage and could be combined with a scorching ray ability (unlike existence version in which you will put on a Kaom's within the chest).

The down-side towards the build at this time when I see is the fact that although it does more damage compared to protector form of LLRF, it's pretty glass-cannon with regards to physical damage reduction/minimization (also does not cap block). Also unsure concerning the ES regen. The occultist passive to ES when kills enemy should raise the ES r…

POE 3.2 - Bestiary League Problems & Fixing

Path of Exile 3.2.0 Content Update and the Bestiary League come to us finally and all players would be so excited about that, and I have collected some Slayer builds for the new season already, but unfortunately, all players encountered an insect where their game client didn't correctly display any information out of your Bestiary book (for example taken monsters, crafting options, notifications of recent recipes/captures, etc), in the first 90 minutes of Bestiary . GGG now have fixed this problem, but everybody presently online will have to relaunch their game client once to obtain the patch. This publishes briefly describes what went wrong.

As a result of code bug that just manifested within our live production version, the sports client is not able to interpret Bestiary information is caused by the server. This caused many of the features like notifications of recent recipes (and the opportunity to do Beastcrafting whatsoever) not to function.

GGG found the issue inside an hour…

POE 3.2 Beginner Friendly Build for Raider Ranger in 2018

Hey guys, welcome to, long time no see, my friends, you may already know that the POE 3.2 Bestiary challenge league will come to us in few hours, which would be the biggest news to all Path of Exile players in this March. You need guys need to farm more orbs in the coming 3.2.0 patch, or you can just visit r4pg store to purchase some Orbs/Currency/Items, that would be a good way to be rich as soon as possible.

Raider continues to be my personal favorite ascendancy class for quite a while now. Between your speed, damage, and survivability from the class, it can make an incredible all-around character to experience and it is very enjoyable. In mind, I am a melee player who likes attacking fast, therefore, it is among the best selections for my particular playstyle. It is also probably the most versatile attackers hanging around, allowing using a wide selection of attack skills to match various playstyles. Within this guide I am likely to take you step-by-step thro…