Strong 3 Occultist Witch Builds for the Bestiary League

Hey guys, Path of Exile 3.2.0 has been released in last week and all players are happy with the Bestiary League, and some players are going to find some better ways to get money in POE 3.2, and of course, they need some good build too, so I'd like to share some Occultist Witch builds with you:

[3.2 THEORY CRAFT] Tri-Curse Occultist LL RF/Scorching Ray ENDGAME Build

I've performed the existence and LL form of RF, however, I found myself experiencing the LL version much more because it has more damage and could be combined with a scorching ray ability (unlike existence version in which you will put on a Kaom's within the chest).

The down-side towards the build at this time when I see is the fact that although it does more damage compared to protector form of LLRF, it's pretty glass-cannon with regards to physical damage reduction/minimization (also does not cap block). Also unsure concerning the ES regen. The occultist passive to ES when kills enemy should raise the ES regen, however, I can't be sure until POB rolls the new update to incorporate the alterations.

The price of the build is yet another downside for many people since the majority of the gears are pretty costly. But as this is a LL build, and that I don't really have trouble with accumulating poe currencies, this really is fine by me.

Tree at lvl 90:

Tree at lvl 100:


Wicked Ward -> Vile Bastion -> Profane Bloom -> Malediction

3.2 - Hungry Loop Decay Death Aura build - Walking Simulator - Great Uber Lab runner - T15+ Maps

So after gaining some attention with this build, it appears people desire a guide. Well, here you can go.

Let us get directly into the Strengths and Weaknesses

+  Fast Uber Lab
+  Easy high tier mapping

+  Very Safe (good minimization and super buffed Temp Chains)
+  Crazy satisfying Breach farming
+  Can farm red tier Elder Guardians

-  And not the finest for farming Shaper's guardians or Shaper themselves
-  Hard to color the chest area piece (five to six off colors with respect to the link setup you select)

Check full tree here:

You will find the tree is made to help all the skills we use as opposed to just Dying Aura. Should you Simply want more Dying Aura damage, the tree could be a great deal different, but you would be missing single target damage.

3.2 Queen of Chaos Lahkesiis Essence Drain [LL&CI] - [LHC/SC/SSC] - [All Content]


Energy Shield ( +10K )
Fire Resistance ( 75%)
Cold Resistance ( 75% )
Lightning Resistance ( 76% )
Chaos Resistance ( 75% )

Buffed ES and DOT
There 2 Amulet you can choose between them
Presence of Chayula and Impresence Onyx Amulet (chaos)

1 If u Choose Presence of Chayula Choose Void Beacon From Ascendancy

2 If u Choose Impresence Onyx Amulet - Chaos ChooseVile Bastion From Ascendancy

Vile Bastion give u > cannot Be stunned while u have Energy Shield

If u go for CI one don't Choose Presence of Chayula

Pros and Cons

+  Very high Chaos Damage
+  Very high Damage Over Time
+  Very Tanky
+  Do Any map mod
+  All Content
+  LHC/SC/SSC Viable
+  Insane Amount of Health Regen

-  And not the Faster Map clearer But fast
-  Can't do map (Players don't have any Mana Regeneration) for we want this regen to spell

Hybrid Skill Tree

lvl 100 Passive Tree:


Circlet 40% increased Essence Drain Damage OR 30% Reduced Arctic armor mana reservation
Boot Regenerate 1% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently
Gloves Trigger Decree of Frost on the kill

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