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PoE 3.4 - Dual Wielding System Will Change ?

I just read all the official introductions about delve, and I am happy to see that delve has brought so many improvements. But one thing still makes me regret. I am sure I have not seen any changes to the Dual Wielding System. I don't know how the government views this issue. This is what I want to talk about below.
GGG is still doing nothing to fix the currently broken Dual Wielding system in PoE. Currently, it is the undisputed Nr. 1 melee option, which is obtained by not actually using both weapons. The issue, at least for real DW aficionados like me, started with the addition of Death's Hand years ago. For every other melee fan it became a problem with the addition of shaper stat-sticks, making DW not an alternative to 2-hand-weapons or 1h+shield, but the simply superior option in basically all aspects. Which makes theorycrafting a pain, because you know you could boost your dps by an immense amount by just switching to using fake-dw. But even after multiple leagues of co…

Is poe a trade-focused game?

Poe's efforts in game updates don't seem to be fully effective, at least for some players, Grinding Gear Games more focus on the economy than players’ experience in the new league. I personally agree with this point of view, so what makes the player feel this impression?

They've long balanced the game based on metrics instead of on what fun for the average player.

Some around here will say "its a trade-focused game so don't ask for it to be balanced based on individual experience" but I've got to challenge the necessity for that to remain the case.

We need more breach and less Talisman.

Now I'm not talking about Diablo 3 drop rates, I am only talking about making some of the nested RNG, "win a lottery ticket for a chance to win a lottery ticket that may be a winner and give you loot, that may or may not have good rolls" systems be toned down a layer or two.

Breach stones = good

Lich's in the first 2 months of Abyss = bad

Lich's in the l…

Death Penalty in POE

PoE is a very good ARPG, I think most players will admit this, whether you have played Diablo or other ARPG, PoE can show its unique charm. Even so, there are still many mechanics for POE to dissatisfy players - Death Penalty Mechanics.

As most players are aware, the penalty is a loss of 10% of experience in merciless.

The concept of the death penalty: Why does the penalty exist? Was it implemented just because Diablo 2 had it? Did the design or the “vision” of the game include a means of controlling player progress with the penalty? Only GGG can answer these questions. A common argument made by players is the penalty exists to limit the number of players who reach max level or near max level, and to “reward” those who are able to skillfully circumvent the penalty to achieve higher levels than the majority of players. But does this really enhance the game experience for players as a whole? The simple fact is the death penalty concept comes from old-school systems that are no longer p…

Path of Exile Delve League

Follow the PoE in updated many times a player may have tired of the existing adventure, they taken on the isle of Wraeclast's greatest dangers and explored new worlds even ventured across time and space. It's time to dive into the unknown, where darkness grows thicker the farther one goes. There's a mine that's ripe for exploration and that's the premise for Path of Exile: Delve, the latest expansion for Grinding Gear Games' long-running dungeon crawling RPG. Delve will contain the game's first infinite dungeon.

The Azurite Mine is rich with resources. It was a go-to destination for the miners of Wraeclast, where they would pick at the mine's near-infinite treasures. One day, a strange darkness overtook the Azurite Mine. It's a darkness that kills anyone on contact. The darkness proved to be so overwhelming that it essentially closed the mine off to scavengers forever.

That's until an inventor named Niko the Mad came along. His invention is he Cra…