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POE 3.1 Wild Strike Juggernaut/Marauder Build - 7k+ HP | Perma Immortal Call

Is there so many players choose to be a Juggernaut in Path of Exile? You guys should really play as Juggernaut in Path of Exile 3.1: War for the Atlas and Abyss League, that would be very different experience compared to 3.0. So I want to tell you how to create a Wild Strike Juggernaut/Marauder Build with really low case and easy to start with. And don't forget to get some Path of Exile currency via this page or you just want to find some good ways to fam orbs in Abyss, you will find all about Path of Exile game on R4PG. Alright, hope this flexible Juggernaut can open another door for you in the game!

I. Key Features:
Stats from path of bulding for lvl 92 char (you should check the apparatus and from POB link)

★ Safe from physical damage so uber lab is simple mode (dont pick vaal pact if you are planning to operate individuals)

★ 1.8M DPS to mobs, 1.1m DPS to shaper/guardians

★ 7.3k HP

★ 3000 life leech rate

★ Safe from Stuns

★ Safe from Chill and Freeze

★ On Hit generation of En…

Albion Online Zerg Healing Guide

As many of you know people have complained about zergs and zerg mechanics forever now. Zergs still dominate the world in most situations. SBI did try to manage the zergs by adding zerg mechanics increasing most AOE damage affects depending on the amount of people you hit with the AOE. This is a great way to allow smaller groups to fight zergs. So this time AOSilver will tell you some useful tips about the zerg healing, with this guide, you guys will understand the zerg healing more deeply

All AOE healing abilities are capped to 5 targets, why? This is a sort of anti zerg mechanic however due to the randomness of how AOE heals chose to heal their targets, it mainly makes AOE heals relatively useless. If AOE heals would target the 5 lowest health players in the circle it wouldn't be that bad, but so far I have no clue who the heals target, it definitely isn't based on missing health.

If AOE damage spells do more damage to more people but AOE heals just only heal 5 and its random…

Why We Call Albion Online A "Sandbox" MMO?

All players would like to call Albion as one of the best mmo game in 2017, but not all the guys know why we call Albion ''Sandbox" game instead of a RPG. Today, AOSilver will tell you the reason:

Just thought I would throw my 2 cents of experience in on the sandbox vs themepark.

A Sandbox mmo is a game where there is no linear progression (Set Path) for all players to follow. You start in the game and decide from there where you are going and what you want to be. The quests are lacking on developer side because in a sandbox a lot of the content is supposed to be created by the players (Role-players and such).

A Themepark mmo sets all players on a set path.. You choose your class and from there you follow the same path as anyone else that shares your class. You typically start same place and complete quests in specific areas (due to level restrictions) until you can proceed to the next level and so on until end game. The content is developer created and is set up to walk y…

The Real Issues/Meanings of Fast Travel in Albion

Albion Online is very popular among many Sandbox game, some players write to us last week, wanting to know the real meanings/issuess of fast travel. Here AOSilver will talk about the kernel of fast travel in the game.

The real issue with fast travel is it takes an entire player set out of the open world. This is important for a few reasons.

1. It makes gatherers the only rabbit for wolves to hunt. The deer could be there, but they have been given the ability to Teleport. This is why you see gatherers getting so upset at people wanting a change to red/yellow zone reputation loss and lock out. They think it will be open season on them. However what they fear the most will happen. The only people pvping in red zones will be ganker's that learn how to bypass the reputation lockout and the only person for them to hunt will be gatherers. Isnt that ironic?

Just so were clear in the old betas there were a lot more than just gatherers and gankers who try to kill them in red zones. There we…

Revelation Online – Guide for Beginners

As with any MMO nowadays, they may have a few things in common with the last one you played, but the likelihood is things aren't quite what they were in comparison and might take a little getting used to. If that's the case then that's where this guide comes in!

First things first, let's take a quick look at the number of classes you can pick from:

1. Vanguard – Tank
2. Blademaster – DPS/Partial-Tank
3. Occultist – DPS/Partial-Healer
4. Spiritshaper – Healer
5. Gunslinger – DPS
6. Swordmage – DPS

The majority of the classes and their roles speak for themselves, but the partial-roles can be construed as a tad confusing here and there, so allow me to explain. A partial-healer or a partial-tank is a subsection of a class that allows small amounts of healing or tanking that would work either in solo-dungeoning or small raid groups. Keep that in mind, however that if you're wishing to use these roles as a full on tank or healer, you will be in for a very bad surprise. T…

The Need To Know About Character Progression Paths In Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a really fun MMO. Set in a mystical Chinese setting (that is actually inspired by some very popular Chinese books) with some of the best character creating tools we have seen in quite a while. While most of us are having a lot of fun with Revelation Online. Some people are having a hard time getting to grips with it and doing a lot of complaining about how “hard” it is. Well today we have a simple article telling you the basics of character paths in Revelation Online. If you understand these basics then you will find that the game is much more fun and you are able to build your character to something that you really like and will have a great time playing as.

You will find that you have a much more fun time grinding away if you know when the next progression path and all the cool new skills it offers is going to happen. Revelation Online is actually pretty fair with its progression paths and you are never stuck on one level too long. But they keep you there just l…

I have some concerns about Albion Online

While I haven't seen unplayable lag since Alpha (I missed Faye's launch so not sure how it handled) it was a far more limited size than what we will expect at release. With the No Man's Sky debacle I know they planned for 13,000 players on day one and got 500k players (they only had 1 part time network guy allotted at launch, and hardly the only problem they had with the game but that can be discussed in another thread).

As each game title gets released they get absolutely slammed (and makes life terrible for games the required to be online) as players in general are devouring content faster than ever, and leaving for the next game just as quick. Compounding to Albion's potential popularity at launch is the fact this will be one of the most comprehensive games available for the mobile/tablet market.

A bad launch for any can be fairly disastrous for the player base and sticks in peoples minds for years to come (error 37 anyone?). Any chance of some reassurances @Bercila…

How to Buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins Smoothly at

Revelation Online Game will be released in the next few days, new main scenario quests, new Story Points and new Character Paths will be all added into the new patch. New things need you to have coins in stock. However, how to fast save enough coins makes folks headache. As a professional Revelation Online Imperial Coins selling website, R4PG wants to say that there are two methods for you: first, farm it by yourselves. Second, buy it directly from a professional imperial coins selling website. For elite players or those who have enough time, they often choose to farm coins by themselves, while most folks, they have no time or have difficulty in farming coins in person, they will choose a reliable and legit website, like to buy imperial coins directly. What kind of website is reliable and professional?

Game currency transaction is common in almost all of MMOs including Revelation Online. It doesn’t mean all players need to buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins, but there still …

ARK: Survival Evolved to Reward the Modding Community $4000 Each Month

ARK: Survival Evolved modders will have a chance to receive a total of $4000 monthly price reward from the developer Studio Wildcard.

Jeremy Stieglitz, the lead designer and lead programmer of ARK Survival Evolved, explained how the payment program will work.

Each month 15 selected modders will be rewarded and paid a total amount of $4,000 USD. The developer will evaluate these modders and determine whether to continue to pay them next month. According to Stieglitz, there is the possibility to let more modders to win the reward each month in the future.

Many mods developers put their spare time into the mod, which is often difficult to realize besides a profession or study. The studio Wildcard would like to give these developers the opportunity to do the modding and let more time flow into the development. The studio hopes that the mods will be finally completed and the community will be available as a complete product.

The reward system is facing a few difficulties. Models, skins, te…

Kritika Online Is Coming to NA and EU This Year

En Masse Entertainment announced the Korean action MMORPG Kritika Online will be released later this year in North America and Europe. Kritika Online is an anime style hack 'n' slash game with stunning combat effects.

The game provides a unique pick-up-and-play experience, with intense, fast-paced gaming sessions punctuated by high-flying action in a unique gaming universe. Players will choose from four different character classes, and upgrade attacks and spells to generate the biggest, baddest, most butt-kickingest player character possible.

What is new in the Path Of Exile 3.0 update

We released the Article for Path of Exile Update 2.6.0 before, and this time we released the article of update 3.0. Hopefully it would be helpful to you. Just in case you were wondering what is new in the Path Of Exile 3.0 update and if you need to stock up on Path Of Exile Orbs before it happens we want to share with you a few of the cool and noteworthy things that we know about before the big update drops in June.

The first thing that is blowing many people's minds about Path Of Exile 3.0 is the acts. We all knew there would be a new act or even a couple of new acts. But the 3.0 update has an astonishing ten new acts! How insane and awesome is that?

So this means that cruel and merciless are pretty much gone now and the game will be a straightforward and tremendous ten act play through which is a real game changer. Of course we have to get through the 2.6 update and there is a new league happening in March which will not have any of the new upcoming changes. So we have a lot tid…

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Okaymmo established a Dark and Light Gold handwork team since the game came out in 2017, so far we have fulfilled hundreds of DNL Gold orders in the past years. Our team members have grown up to the professional Dark and Light players in the process. As you all know, most of Gold is a horse work, much kind of which will take days or weeks to achieve your goal. In this case, if you don’t want to waste your time on the boring and meaningless work, Okaymmo would do it for you with cheap prices, at the same time you could enjoy your life and enjoy your gaming sooner.

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You may meet this situati…