Revelation Online – Guide for Beginners

As with any MMO nowadays, they may have a few things in common with the last one you played, but the likelihood is things aren't quite what they were in comparison and might take a little getting used to. If that's the case then that's where this guide comes in!

First things first, let's take a quick look at the number of classes you can pick from:

1. Vanguard – Tank
2. Blademaster – DPS/Partial-Tank
3. Occultist – DPS/Partial-Healer
4. Spiritshaper – Healer
5. Gunslinger – DPS
6. Swordmage – DPS

The majority of the classes and their roles speak for themselves, but the partial-roles can be construed as a tad confusing here and there, so allow me to explain. A partial-healer or a partial-tank is a subsection of a class that allows small amounts of healing or tanking that would work either in solo-dungeoning or small raid groups. Keep that in mind, however that if you're wishing to use these roles as a full on tank or healer, you will be in for a very bad surprise. These roles aren't meant for end-game dungeons or raids, but when it comes to soloing you will be perfectly fine without anyone focusing on one or the other.

One thing the game doesn't do a great job of teaching you, but is incredibly useful, regardless of how much time you've actually put into the game is the use of autopathing. You can either load up the map and click an area on it to run to it automatically or you can click on a quest with a white line under it and your character will start to run to the NPC in question for the quest. This is definitely one of those things that you'll want to keep in mind when you can't be bothered to go for a long run or you need a quick 5 minute break, but would prefer to keep making some progress when you step away from the keyboard for a moment.

Depending on the class you pick, there is going to be a set attribute that you're going to want to put into it one way or another. Follow the list below to know which stats should come first and then second:

1. Vanguard – Physique and Strength as secondary
2. Blademaster – Strength and Dexterity as secondary
3. Occultist – Dexterity and Intelligence as secondary
4. Spiritshaper – Spirit and Intelligence as secondary
5. Gunslinger – Dexterity and Strength as secondary
6. Swordmage – Intelligence and Dexterity as secondary

To make things a touch easier to level up so you can get towards the more interesting parts of the game, be sure to follow along with the following advice:

Up to level 20 you're going to be stuck on the tutorial island, so you won't have any real way to make things any quicker for you or your character.

Level 20 and Up!

From level 20 you can take on the Darkfall dungeon on easy mode for a total of 5 times in one day. Be sure to take on any and all quests that you come in contact with, as they're bound to get you some considerable experience for your character. One thing you most assuredly won't want to squander is the daily quests because there are a number of them for you to choose from, all the while getting a considerable chunk of XP whenever you finish one.

After you hit level 29, be sure to go into your rewards section and enjoy your brand new wings to fly about wherever you see fit!

Level 30 – 35

Between level 30 and 35 you'll have access to a number of brand new dailies that you can finish about 5 times per day and providing that you do this on a regular basis you're going to be hitting the level cap much quicker than you might be expecting.

There are some MMORPG's out there where dailies aren't nearly as important as grinding or PVP, but Revelation Online definitely isn't one of them.

The top tip I can give to anyone wishing to put some serious time into this MMO is to do your dailies every single chance you get. There is a considerable amount of XP you can get from these dailies, so getting them done and out the way is the easiest way to level up for whatever character or class you choose to play.

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