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Revelation Online Game will be released in the next few days, new main scenario quests, new Story Points and new Character Paths will be all added into the new patch. New things need you to have coins in stock. However, how to fast save enough coins makes folks headache. As a professional Revelation Online Imperial Coins selling website, R4PG wants to say that there are two methods for you: first, farm it by yourselves. Second, buy it directly from a professional imperial coins selling website. For elite players or those who have enough time, they often choose to farm coins by themselves, while most folks, they have no time or have difficulty in farming coins in person, they will choose a reliable and legit website, like to buy imperial coins directly. What kind of website is reliable and professional?

Game currency transaction is common in almost all of MMOs including Revelation Online. It doesn’t mean all players need to buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins, but there still are a large number of players who have Revelation Online Imperial Coins in need and want to buy Revelation Game Imperial Coins.

R4PG recently announced that they will be launching the Revelation Online Currency within a scope of a few days. As a professional and trustworthy Revelation Online Imperial Coins website - R4PG has introduced how to choose a reliable site before. We are here to help you with all your Revelation Online needs, and you need to do is build an amazing team.

If you decide to choose R4PG to meet your need of Revelation Online Imperial Coins, then please follow this instruction, and we will show you how to buy Revelation Online Currency smoothly. We hope that you can enjoy our best service and discount activities online.

1. Choose one of game(Revelation Online) to reach imperial coins price list.

2. List a Server on page, choice your Server.

3.Coins List on Products Page(e.g. if you buy 450 K RO Imperial Coins On NA-Darkfall, and your buy now price should be 450 K as well).and click"buy"

4. Enter your Revelation Online Game Character Name which you have listed on Delivery Information. and Enter your "First name" "Last name" "Email Address" "Contact Phone". Pick your payment method and click "Go to pay".

5. Above are finished later, Please contact 24/7 Live Chat center to get the place of trade.

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