ARK: Survival Evolved to Reward the Modding Community $4000 Each Month

ARK: Survival Evolved modders will have a chance to receive a total of $4000 monthly price reward from the developer Studio Wildcard.

Jeremy Stieglitz, the lead designer and lead programmer of ARK Survival Evolved, explained how the payment program will work.

Each month 15 selected modders will be rewarded and paid a total amount of $4,000 USD. The developer will evaluate these modders and determine whether to continue to pay them next month. According to Stieglitz, there is the possibility to let more modders to win the reward each month in the future.

Many mods developers put their spare time into the mod, which is often difficult to realize besides a profession or study. The studio Wildcard would like to give these developers the opportunity to do the modding and let more time flow into the development. The studio hopes that the mods will be finally completed and the community will be available as a complete product.

The reward system is facing a few difficulties. Models, skins, textures or codes are borrowed from each other. Sometimes this causes conflicts in the Modder community. Just recently there was the case of two ARK modders, both working on a Pokémon mod. The dinosaurs were replaced by Pokemon.

The studio expects the modders to take up conflicts of this kind in their own hands and clarify them. Once a modder joins the program, Studio Wildcard grants them the right to work. If disputes arise about copyright infringement, it is left to the modder how he handles it.

Anyone who participates in the program as a modder is required to transfer his sources to the Wildcard team. Games like ARK Survival Evolved often receives patches and updates that can make a mod unusable.To keep the sponsored Mods alive, Wildcard sees this security network as necessary. The developers of ARK would only do this if the modder itself would not be able to perform the update on the mod itself.


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