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POE 3.1 Wild Strike Juggernaut/Marauder Build - 7k+ HP | Perma Immortal Call

Is there so many players choose to be a Juggernaut in Path of Exile? You guys should really play as Juggernaut in Path of Exile 3.1: War for the Atlas and Abyss League, that would be very different experience compared to 3.0. So I want to tell you how to create a Wild Strike Juggernaut/Marauder Build with really low case and easy to start with. And don't forget to get some Path of Exile currency via this page or you just want to find some good ways to fam orbs in Abyss, you will find all about Path of Exile game on R4PG. Alright, hope this flexible Juggernaut can open another door for you in the game!

I. Key Features:
Stats from path of bulding for lvl 92 char (you should check the apparatus and from POB link)

★ Safe from physical damage so uber lab is simple mode (dont pick vaal pact if you are planning to operate individuals)

★ 1.8M DPS to mobs, 1.1m DPS to shaper/guardians

★ 7.3k HP

★ 3000 life leech rate

★ Safe from Stuns

★ Safe from Chill and Freeze

★ On Hit generation of En…