POE 3.1 Wild Strike Juggernaut/Marauder Build - 7k+ HP | Perma Immortal Call

Is there so many players choose to be a Juggernaut in Path of Exile? You guys should really play as Juggernaut in Path of Exile 3.1: War for the Atlas and Abyss League, that would be very different experience compared to 3.0. So I want to tell you how to create a Wild Strike Juggernaut/Marauder Build with really low case and easy to start with. And don't forget to get some Path of Exile currency via this page or you just want to find some good ways to fam orbs in Abyss, you will find all about Path of Exile game on R4PG. Alright, hope this flexible Juggernaut can open another door for you in the game!

I. Key Features:

Stats from path of bulding for lvl 92 char (you should check the apparatus and from POB link)

★ Safe from physical damage so uber lab is simple mode (dont pick vaal pact if you are planning to operate individuals)

★ 1.8M DPS to mobs, 1.1m DPS to shaper/guardians

★ 7.3k HP

★ 3000 life leech rate

★ Safe from Stuns

★ Safe from Chill and Freeze

★ On Hit generation of Endurance charges for perma (in combat) immortal call

★ 4 Craze Charges  Perma onslaught with Rotgut

★ Good Attack Speed, ~12 APS

★ 136% movement speed modifier (fully buffed) / 156% if you choose to sacrifice freeze immunity and a few hp and employ Devoto's as the Helmet

Passive Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/bEw5

II. Advantages & Disadvantages:

+ Good clear speed
+ High attack speed - good mobility with leap slam
+ Pretty Cost effective
+ Very tanky once you get all the gear

- tba

III. Single Target Mechanics: 

This build have 100% opportunity to light an opponent on hit. Every ignite cause us to achieve craze charge (Oro's), take fire damage (Eye of innocence) and each ~3rd (30% chance) will trigger Juggernaut capability to generate 1 or max endurance charges. Also every fourth hit will ignite us (Mokou's Embrace) and provide 70% bonus to break from amulet and 20% attack speed from ring. Also, this auto technician will trigger vengeance. Since its essentially needed 1s to create full craze charges you should use Rotgut before every fight and obtain 8s onslaught and ~8s of 70% corporation move speed. Since wild strike do all kind of damage (in writing) it'll always trigger Hrimnor's Resolve immunities to relax and freeze.


What level should CWDT and Immortal Cal be?

◇ When i authored in skills sections, level up. To 20. Time period of Immortal Call needs to match (or at best be very close) to the cooldown. By leveling immortal phone you increase its duration per endurance charge. You'll need 4 endurance charges with level 20 immortal call to really make it 'permanent'.

Personally i think squishy, what am I doing wrong?

◇ For those who have Vaal Pact you ought to have a minimum of 5500 hp to complete safly t10  maps, for non VP version you'll need more. Also, you need to open every fight by leap slamming and triggering Fortify and spamming flasks. Also make certain you've 4 endurance charges which your cwdt + immortal call setup is leveled up and triggering. You must have chaos resistances wherever you are able to fit it (ideally have it to 0%), and make certain Atziri's flask expires whenever you can.

For those who have all that but nonetheless dying use existence gain on hit as sixth link before you learn mechanics.

How could i prioritize gear?

◇ First you ought to get enough life (5500 ) and cap resistances. Get Eye of Innocence + Mokou's once you can. If you're able to get enough HP without Kaom's ideal for you. 5L oro is a good example until tier 16 maps so prior to getting 6L make certain you receive Kaom's Hearth.

My damage isn't enough, so what can i actually do?

◇Make certain you use gems which i have recommended and fire transmission on bosses. Fire Pen wont provide you with tooltip damage nevertheless its an excellent boost.

Also, you must have AS in your mitts and jewels, and when possible with your ring.

Alter the path of building link I've provided, you will notice just how much each mod provides you with and where one can improve.

Must i run Molten Strike for bosses?

◇ No you do not but you need to use Fire Transmission in WS links for that maximum output.

V. Summary: 

You'll find your preferred setup by having fun with different gear, gems and passive skills tree. Peak DPS with higher gear is ~900k on melee hit and comparable on secondary effect (splash, chain and ice wave - all perform the same damage - pure fire)

By the way, my Wild Strike Juggernaut/Marauder Build will cost lower than other Juggernaut build, but you  still need a certain number of Path of Exile Orbs to start your build, I recommend you to have a look at this website: https://www.r4pg.com/poe-orbs, which would be a good place for the palyers who doesn't have enough time to farm orb.


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