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Why Would You Pay for Albion Online

Albion online, the pvp game, everyone has come here, hoping to pit their skills, against other players, and to beat the other players with their strategy, intellect and skill

As albion online, becomes more and more pro zerg, the focus of the game, is going to shift and much more highly favor, outnumbering your Cheap Albion Online Gold, so when it all comes down to it, this game is moving more and more towards, well a major portion of the game, who has more manpower, who has more in the zerg, basically who can outnumber there opponent

as the game moves more towards, who can outnumber there opponent, it basically becomes a game of numbers, you can go anywhere to any game for that, just gather and recruit as many people as you want, and rush in with a massive zerg, it requires no skill to do that, and you can do it many other games you like

However... The standout point of Albion Online, the best part of Albion Online Gold, the essence of this game, is the player versus player, im sure a…

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Albion Online: why have we not had a wipe

Im not sure if im posting this in the right category or not, but someone of legitimacy has got to inform me on why we were not wiped in Cador? Cador was a huge update and from my understanding (which may very well be wrong) all i have heard that they are still going to add are the changes to the new map, and the crime and reputation system. These two changes they have not yet added definitley do not sound like they will need a wipe to go along with Albion Online Silver, but the Cador patch changes in my opinion do. I can think of three reasons why we currently deserve a wipe.
Destiny board armor changes waste peoples' money they spent on premium and stop players from continuing beta testing
Progression testing with fame bonus changes
Testing the market with silver bonus changes
With the recent changes to the destiny board a lot of players like myself who have began the game recently and grinded fame and used learning points have had their money wasted after the armor rework becaus…

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The Best Online Platform AOSilver Introduces Cheap Albion Online Gold -

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You can just transmute everything in Albion Online

Yeah I know about that, but the part where you can just transmute everything upwards and what other means in order to get the resources you need to get. The reason why I don't consider the progression speed a problem is because progression is a one time thing (especially on release), and afterwards it simply becomes a nonfactor the older the game gets Albion Online Silver, where as upping the effort gathering/refining/crafting-wise is a thing that will always persist.

If the 6.4 items took the same effort it took to make 6.6s in SA as I stated above, they would still be relatively expensive even after a year.

Quite honestly, I'd much rather if transmuting didn't allow you to transmute higher in tier but into different resources instead. That way we could make the absolute highest tier stuff rare and possibly tie them into special events that guilds need to contest over for. For example, getting 8.4 metal is only possible from rare events like meteor hitting a random black …

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Albion Online: it's a known part of testing

For me the wipe isn't a problem, it's a known part of testing. I have never been one to take shots at developers or speak ill against to Buy Albion Online Silver, yet I can find no positive words for this game at this place and time.

The concept had so much potential and the game was sold as a wonderful environment where pvpers, crafters, merchanats, and explorers could cohabitate the world and everyone would have an enjoyable part to play. The reality of the game is so incredibly far from that it's borderline fraud. The game is currently very much a ship without a rudder right now and there doesn't appear to be any help on the way.

The overwhelming issue is the lack of actual meaningful development progress with the game. The road map appears very much the same way it did 3+ months ago. It appears I made a massive mistake by helping to fund this calamity. The core problems with the game have not been addressed in any meaningful way.

Probably the most important point. …

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