Albion Online: it's a known part of testing

For me the wipe isn't a problem, it's a known part of testing. I have never been one to take shots at developers or speak ill against to Buy Albion Online Silver, yet I can find no positive words for this game at this place and time.

The concept had so much potential and the game was sold as a wonderful environment where pvpers, crafters, merchanats, and explorers could cohabitate the world and everyone would have an enjoyable part to play. The reality of the game is so incredibly far from that it's borderline fraud. The game is currently very much a ship without a rudder right now and there doesn't appear to be any help on the way.

The overwhelming issue is the lack of actual meaningful development progress with the game. The road map appears very much the same way it did 3+ months ago. It appears I made a massive mistake by helping to fund this calamity. The core problems with the game have not been addressed in any meaningful way.

Probably the most important point. There is very little, if anything at all, that is enjoyable about playing the game. It's hard to quantify the 'fun factor' but this game is missing it.

The GvG PvP which is the entire purpose of this game is in such a terrible state that even those that live for it are fed up.

The economy has been talked about since the first day of testing to Buy Albion Online Gold and it's still in the crapper with no site of meaningful improvement on the horizon.

The fact that zones have up to 4 blatant choke points and the developers are refusing to address is means you can never have any kind of population density and have an enjoyable game.

Exploiters are tolerated, childish behavior is seemingly endorsed.
And so much more.

And yup, before you even ask I contacted the development team and asked for a refund as I would so much rather cut ties and be done with this wreck but they flat refused. So the assumption can be made that they are bleeding cash and know they are going down.

Yea man, I like your post a lot. There is wipe coming, its the truth, so what. But maybe its my past MMO experience talking when I used to play L2 on free servers where sometimes all NPCs just crashed and there were wipes too so I'm used to it. But I just like the world of AO, the community, Sandbox Interactive so that keeps me playing. Also I don't rush anywhere. I take it slowly, I did a lot of PvE so far, only few PvP, only starting to getting into red zones and black zones I visited once. Some people rush to top level as fast as possible and after that they wonder in best albion online silver store, where all the magic went, they skip the magic or just don't see it. But its fine, at least those who don't like it find out, maybe changes will come that bring them back.


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