Why Would You Pay for Albion Online

Albion online, the pvp game, everyone has come here, hoping to pit their skills, against other players, and to beat the other players with their strategy, intellect and skill

As albion online, becomes more and more pro zerg, the focus of the game, is going to shift and much more highly favor, outnumbering your Cheap Albion Online Gold, so when it all comes down to it, this game is moving more and more towards, well a major portion of the game, who has more manpower, who has more in the zerg, basically who can outnumber there opponent

as the game moves more towards, who can outnumber there opponent, it basically becomes a game of numbers, you can go anywhere to any game for that, just gather and recruit as many people as you want, and rush in with a massive zerg, it requires no skill to do that, and you can do it many other games you like

However... The standout point of Albion Online, the best part of Albion Online Gold, the essence of this game, is the player versus player, im sure alot of people came to the PVP full loot albion online game, to fight other people and use there skills, to best there opponent

Conclusion: the more this game moves to pro zerg, the more this game will be all about, outnumbering your opponent, it will all be about zergs, the more this game is about numbers, this will reduce and lessen what we all came here for, skillful combat, to verse other players, and beat them with your skills, thats the essense of the game, but right now, this game is moving towards who can outnumber, and overwhelm there opponent, a complete loss in skill here

A lot of games that are massive pvp successful games, go play any of them, they will have everything, zergs, massive battles, gvgs realm vs realm sieging, but they also have

Very skill based, specific places, that you can do 2v2v2v2v2v3v5v1v1 which is epic all over the place and amazing, and is more largely dependent on

SKILL, strategy and intelligence, not oh 20 people come wipe the floor with everyone

And all the people who came here for skillful combat will be wondering, "well okay zergs are fine, but if its a really significant proportion of albion online gold market, is zerg zerg zerg, what happened to more skillful combat, did this game just become about numbers and people count?? Where is the skill in that?


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