Path of Exile Area Guides

The Twilight Strand: Run right to Hillock. Think before killing spare monsters in route, however opening chests can occasionally provide you with crucial extra poe items.

The Coast:

Another area where killing monsters is not rewarding enough for that time spent but contains many chests. Make certain to seize the waypoint. For novices, it's recommended to visit the Dirt Flats before Tidal Island.

The Dirt Flats:

Be familiar with charging Rhoas. Obtain the three needed quest glyphs as rapidly as possible without having to spend a lot of time killing monsters. Once you have opened up in the Submerged Passage, go into the area and go ahead and take nearby waypoint to The Coast to be able to easily access Tidal Island.

The Tidal Island:

The very first challenging fight, to not be used gently. Run right to Hailrake and interact him very carefully. Kiting is inspired as possible rapidly become overwhelmed or targeted by Hailrake's spell. After you have wiped out him you are able to sign off to return to town more rapidly. Make certain to get the Quicksilver Flask from Nessa, as well as your jewel reward from Hillock. (Casters: Orb of Storms or Flame Totem. Melee: Ancestral Protector. Ranged: Siege Ballista). It's often a good time to determine the vendor for that early gear (rings, and perhaps magic products).

The Submerged Passage:

Zombies and Spawns are easy targets for gaining experience and flask charges. Consider the bridge prior to The Ledge, it's often populated with a rare monster. If you discover The Flooded Depths, you went the wrong manner. The skill point quest is not worth doing in races.

The Ledge:

You need to kill the majority of the monsters in this region, just make certain not to spend over our limits time around the isolated ones. Should you return to town and therefore are reluctant about how to consider, look into the waypoint. It's gemstones that indicate the road to The Climb. It's suggested that you simply skip Kuduku.

The Climb:

Goatmen are not as easy monsters to battle, and also the casters are harmful to melee players due to their Molten Covering. Fighting the ranged monsters in this region is much more efficient and fewer dangerous. In charge in this region represents a genuine threat, skip it if you think vulnerable.

The Prison Level 1:

This gives you the first support jewel (Added Fire Damage for melee and archers. Added Lightning Damage for casters). It is also a chance to purchase a characteristic amulet if you have selected up enough unknown products for currency. Don't explore The Prison's Trial of Ascendancy.

The Prison Level 2:

Don't spend over our limits time fighting the monsters unless of course, you're sure to gain levels while you are there. Between your revive and also the enfeeble curse, it may become quite inefficient. Within the warden's quarter, you are able to stick to the bloodstream trails on the floor to prevent a little stalemate.

Brutus - Make use of your totem or utility skills. Discover positive about what you can do to handle him, purchasing a Large Existence Flask will help you mitigate the quantity of damage he is able to deal. Prioritising evasion gear and dual wielding likewise helps.

Once you have wiped out him you are able to sign off to go back to town. You're awarded the Prisoner's Gate waypoint instantly after killing Brutus.

Prisoner's Gate:

Two bosses populate this zone. Both ought to be skipped if at all possible. The Burning Menace can be difficult to cope with and you may run from The Protector from the Mound easily.

The Ship Graveyard:

Monsters really are a bit sparse in this region. Knowing what to do is really a plus.

The Cavern of Wrath:

This is when you're rewarded together with your level 12 skill jewel. (Firestorm or Lightning Trap for casters. Sunder for melee. A sweep is definitely an option although not as efficient.) Unless of course, you've overfarmed, you will not be level 12 when you achieve Merveil. You'll be able to purchase an azure ring or look into the vendor again. Making use of your movement skills to mix a niche can help you save considerable time.

The Cavern of Anger:

Be familiar with the exploding monsters, don't allow them to achieve you.

Merveil - The majority of the damage she deals is cold so getting some cold resistance at this time can make the battle a great deal simpler. Make use of your totem or utility skills. Take note of her using her teleport when reaching specific levels of existence, and react rapidly to her barrage of Ice Spears. The 2nd form ought to be simpler to cope with as lengthy while you don't stand it the geysers. Should you exhaust mana, utilizing a portal to refill your flasks is definitely an option.

There are selected your jewel reward, you are able to sign off after you have wiped out her to have it and go ahead and take chance to vendor your loot. You're given the Southern Forest waypoint instantly on the kill.

The Southern Forest:

Reaching level 12 and socketing your formerly acquired skill jewel can help cope with the density of monsters in this region. Don't spend over our limits time running after individuals fleeing apes!

That Old Fields:

Stick to the road, skip in charge, attempt to gather multiple packs of apes at the same time for efficiency.

The Crossroads:

Carry the waypoint, then mind left for the Chamber of Sins. Killing Calaf is generally not well worth the time but he's difficult to escape.

The Chamber of Sins Level 1:

This is when you begin seeing guaranteed magic packs: they're worth killing though some layouts might turn it into a bad choice.

The Chamber of Sins Level 2:

Getting some lightning resistance can help here. Fidelitas is really a hard-hitting boss. Engage him together with your totem or utility skills you have available. Eliminating those of monsters associated him first is safer. Getting a larger Existence Flask here is advised. Once he's wiped out, make certain to get the Baleful Jewel before logging out to return to town. Around you will be rewarded with the selection of Herald Skill Jewel.

The Riverways:

Stick to the road. Make use of your movement skill depict the bridges. Carry the waypoint. In the waypoint, you can observe a cobblestone road indicating the position of the Wetlands. You don't have to visit yet, but it is best to be aware of later on.

The Western Forest:

Stick to the road. Carry the waypoint. The greyed out area of the minimap/forest signifies in which the Weaver's Chamber is. In the same way to the way the Wetlands are indicated, a way to Alira is visible. In the street, there's a torch that signifies where this path begins. It's not worth killing the blackguard soldiers for that still point inside a short race. Be familiar with the exploding monsters - don't allow them to achieve you.

The Weaver's Chamber:

El born area has rewarding monster density. At this time without having a larger Existence Flask you can start battling using the incoming damage. In charge is really a hard-hitter and it has a pack of magic spiders enhancing his abilities through craze charges. Attempt to get him lower to 50% rapidly to possess some space. Once wiped out, get Maligaro's Spike after which sign off. You're rewarded using the second group of support gems. Make certain to possess a 3 link to the right colors for their services as quickly as possible.

Get Rid Of The Bandits:

Normally, this is the next stop after killing The Weaver. You ought to be sufficiently geared at this time to allow them to 't be an excessive amount of trouble. Make use of the Crossroads' waypoint to achieve Kraityn. Help Oak within the Wetlands for his  40 to maximum existence.

The Vaal Ruins:

El born area has good density even though the snakes may become inefficient to kill due to their conduct. Do not get hit by the Vaal Fallen. Their elemental-status-on-hit ability means they are quite harmful. El born area has got the hardest layout hanging around, it will lead you time for you to decipher it.

The Northern Forest:

El born area is a straight line so that you can basically run one way in the entrance towards the exit in the other finish. Skip the devourers. The spiders and snakes ought to be simple to kill.

The Caverns:

Skip magic and rare bears unless of course, you've high damage output. There's additionally a boss to prevent in this region.

The Traditional Pyramid:

Be familiar with the basic damage in this region. Getting a minimum of a lightning resistance ring is suggested for killing Vaal Oversoul. Getting acquainted with his mechanics should lead him to simpler to cope with. Don't sign off on completion, you have to feel the door to obtain the waypoint!

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