Sunday, July 24, 2016

Albion Online: Holy Grail of Ideas -

Albion Online: Holy Grail of Ideas -

Why Would You Pay for Albion Online

Albion online, the pvp game, everyone has come here, hoping to pit their skills, against other players, and to beat the other players with their strategy, intellect and skill

As albion online, becomes more and more pro zerg, the focus of the game, is going to shift and much more highly favor, outnumbering your Cheap Albion Online Gold, so when it all comes down to it, this game is moving more and more towards, well a major portion of the game, who has more manpower, who has more in the zerg, basically who can outnumber there opponent

as the game moves more towards, who can outnumber there opponent, it basically becomes a game of numbers, you can go anywhere to any game for that, just gather and recruit as many people as you want, and rush in with a massive zerg, it requires no skill to do that, and you can do it many other games you like

However... The standout point of Albion Online, the best part of Albion Online Gold, the essence of this game, is the player versus player, im sure alot of people came to the PVP full loot albion online game, to fight other people and use there skills, to best there opponent

Conclusion: the more this game moves to pro zerg, the more this game will be all about, outnumbering your opponent, it will all be about zergs, the more this game is about numbers, this will reduce and lessen what we all came here for, skillful combat, to verse other players, and beat them with your skills, thats the essense of the game, but right now, this game is moving towards who can outnumber, and overwhelm there opponent, a complete loss in skill here

A lot of games that are massive pvp successful games, go play any of them, they will have everything, zergs, massive battles, gvgs realm vs realm sieging, but they also have

Very skill based, specific places, that you can do 2v2v2v2v2v3v5v1v1 which is epic all over the place and amazing, and is more largely dependent on

SKILL, strategy and intelligence, not oh 20 people come wipe the floor with everyone

And all the people who came here for skillful combat will be wondering, "well okay zergs are fine, but if its a really significant proportion of albion online gold market, is zerg zerg zerg, what happened to more skillful combat, did this game just become about numbers and people count?? Where is the skill in that?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Albion Online: why have we not had a wipe

Im not sure if im posting this in the right category or not, but someone of legitimacy has got to inform me on why we were not wiped in Cador? Cador was a huge update and from my understanding (which may very well be wrong) all i have heard that they are still going to add are the changes to the new map, and the crime and reputation system. These two changes they have not yet added definitley do not sound like they will need a wipe to go along with Albion Online Silver, but the Cador patch changes in my opinion do. I can think of three reasons why we currently deserve a wipe.
Destiny board armor changes waste peoples' money they spent on premium and stop players from continuing beta testing
Progression testing with fame bonus changes
Testing the market with silver bonus changes
With the recent changes to the destiny board a lot of players like myself who have began the game recently and grinded fame and used learning points have had their money wasted after the armor rework because the gear they used their LP on is no longer what they need to be viable. Even worse than having their money wasted they have no LP to get the new gear they need for their class to continue helping with beta testing so some players are now packing up and leaving. Why not wipe with Cador? These changes need a wipe compared to map changes and crime/reputation changes that in my opinion 100% do not need a wipe.

Another reason to wipe is for legitimate testing of this new fame bonus. I think having a wipe would be a good thing for truly testing the bonus to get more Albion Online Gold. Without the wipe all you see is guilds power leveling eachother in high level dungeons to get their new gear asap on alts that they have bought premium on. Power leveling alts is not a true representation of how the fame bonuses will affect progression in the game.

Lastly, another reason we should have a wipe with Cador is the silver bonus and market inflation. With Cardor we have seen a change in mount farming, silver drops, and rune/gem drops. These changes have extremely inflated the market, and i do not believe give a true representation of how the market would look had there been a wipe. Right now there are certain things still at old prices and certain things at new inflated prices. If there were to be a wipe everything would be at this inflated silver pricing and we would see a true representation of what the market would look like.

I think its a fair statement to add that even though the developement team has said they will give us a 1 month heads up before wiping. The majority of players in this game will not be upset if they were to only give us a week. Any comments or information on this topic would be greatly appreciated albion online silver farming. I love albion and will probably continue to play it no matter what, but i hate seeing players leave this wonderful game because theyre waiting for a wipe to happen.

The Best Online Platform AOSilver Introduces Cheap Albion Online Gold -

The Best Online Platform AOSilver Introduces Cheap Albion Online Gold -

The Best Online Platform AOSilver Introduces Cheap Albion Online Gold -

The Best Online Platform AOSilver Introduces Cheap Albion Online Gold -

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Albion Online: the Armor System Explained -

Albion Online: the Armor System Explained -

You can just transmute everything in Albion Online

Yeah I know about that, but the part where you can just transmute everything upwards and what other means in order to get the resources you need to get. The reason why I don't consider the progression speed a problem is because progression is a one time thing (especially on release), and afterwards it simply becomes a nonfactor the older the game gets Albion Online Silver, where as upping the effort gathering/refining/crafting-wise is a thing that will always persist.

If the 6.4 items took the same effort it took to make 6.6s in SA as I stated above, they would still be relatively expensive even after a year.

Quite honestly, I'd much rather if transmuting didn't allow you to transmute higher in tier but into different resources instead. That way we could make the absolute highest tier stuff rare and possibly tie them into special events that guilds need to contest over for. For example, getting 8.4 metal is only possible from rare events like meteor hitting a random black cluster bringing the resources with it. No transmuting to 8.4s.

They need to reduce ALL the fame by like 50%, and IF they dont want to remove learning points to progress with Albion Online Gold, they need to limit you to like 50-100 on day 1 so that you actually want to save them or can only unlock 1 thing instead of EVERYTHING to like t5. Currently people are making alt accounts using learning points to craft themselves t5/t6 by spamming tools and using LP to progress. This is waaaaay too easy, The .3 rare mats are everywhere, no1 gathers them anymore because they want the .4 enchanted purples and those are easy to gather as well.

The big major issues are these, transmutator no matter the silver cost(rich always get richer) will always be unstable because you can turn lower tier resources into higher ones.....
Next, people spam leveling with LP to get into bigger dungeons on day one and grind 80-150 fame per mob.....Thats horrendous progression considering not even a week in people running around in 6.4 like its common with t7 tools... so what, end game is 1 month? GG your new map after what 2-3 months when people get bored?

Getting to t4 should be a hassle, getting to t5 should feel like an accomplishment after 2 weeks of grinding....Not telling yourself that if i grind the first week il be maxed..... Thats just stupid..

Its sad that im in top tear gear and i haven't touched a mob since the first day of this test with albion online silver farming....What kind of failed game mechanics are these for this to even be possible...

PLEASE DEVS LOWER THE FAME, SLOW THE PROGRESSION, LOWER OR REMOVE LP, REMOVE TRANSMUTATOR and then and only then you will have a chance at some sort of stability./rant over.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Albion Online: it's a known part of testing

For me the wipe isn't a problem, it's a known part of testing. I have never been one to take shots at developers or speak ill against to Buy Albion Online Silver, yet I can find no positive words for this game at this place and time.

The concept had so much potential and the game was sold as a wonderful environment where pvpers, crafters, merchanats, and explorers could cohabitate the world and everyone would have an enjoyable part to play. The reality of the game is so incredibly far from that it's borderline fraud. The game is currently very much a ship without a rudder right now and there doesn't appear to be any help on the way.

The overwhelming issue is the lack of actual meaningful development progress with the game. The road map appears very much the same way it did 3+ months ago. It appears I made a massive mistake by helping to fund this calamity. The core problems with the game have not been addressed in any meaningful way.

Probably the most important point. There is very little, if anything at all, that is enjoyable about playing the game. It's hard to quantify the 'fun factor' but this game is missing it.

The GvG PvP which is the entire purpose of this game is in such a terrible state that even those that live for it are fed up.

The economy has been talked about since the first day of testing to Buy Albion Online Gold and it's still in the crapper with no site of meaningful improvement on the horizon.

The fact that zones have up to 4 blatant choke points and the developers are refusing to address is means you can never have any kind of population density and have an enjoyable game.

Exploiters are tolerated, childish behavior is seemingly endorsed.
And so much more.

And yup, before you even ask I contacted the development team and asked for a refund as I would so much rather cut ties and be done with this wreck but they flat refused. So the assumption can be made that they are bleeding cash and know they are going down.

Yea man, I like your post a lot. There is wipe coming, its the truth, so what. But maybe its my past MMO experience talking when I used to play L2 on free servers where sometimes all NPCs just crashed and there were wipes too so I'm used to it. But I just like the world of AO, the community, Sandbox Interactive so that keeps me playing. Also I don't rush anywhere. I take it slowly, I did a lot of PvE so far, only few PvP, only starting to getting into red zones and black zones I visited once. Some people rush to top level as fast as possible and after that they wonder in best albion online silver store, where all the magic went, they skip the magic or just don't see it. But its fine, at least those who don't like it find out, maybe changes will come that bring them back.