Albion Online Gameplay in different operation systems

I had an idea how to improve the gameplay of a pc user without harming the users of tablets and phones:

Most developers see gameplay through different operating systems as equal but I think different.

I think if additional functions such as jumping, easy shortcuts to PC users only will improve the gameplay much more which brings the question:

How will a tablet user deal with a player who has more features and options? well since in this game you will most of the time spend gathering resources, improving your island and using the market, you can

easily do it in a long bus ride or far away from your computer without a problem.
Once you come back home, you have this much improved gameplay where you can fully enjoy the combat system, keyboard shortcuts and more Albion Online Silver.

Just because the gameplay in the PC can get much better doesn't make the gameplay in the tablet any worse since if no changes are made at all, there is no "worse" in the first place.

Note: A warning can be used to tablet and phone users about the restricted features they got so people wont cry if they go as a tablet user to a red zone and lose all their items (which can already happen since controlling your character using a tablet is already harder than controlling it using the pc).


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