The Current State of Albion Online

I'm a player that's been there for the entirety of the open beta, and I enjoy the game very much.

In fact, I enjoy the game so much that it is the only game that keeps me interested at the moment ( along eve online).

I've got a bunch of friends I convinced the game was dope, and represented the experience we were expecting from a MMORPG ; and since a couple of months, I'm in fact just waiting for the game to be released so my friends could join me in game.
So I'm pretty much hoping that they will stick to their schedule and release the game in the whereabouts of August, but since they said that there will be wipes before the launch and it's been a while since there was one, I'm having doubts; and wonder if the game will be ready.

since the developer posted their "road to release" schedule and their release date faq, there hasn't been any update on that, the release date wasn't re-scheduled, or re-confirmed ( even if I undestand that they did not specifically said "August", but "at least August".

I understand that the developer would rather take their time to make an official statement on their website in due time to keep us informed about the state of the game and how it is coming together, but if they are reading this post me, other posters and my friends would be grateful.

We really love the game and your policies in terms of developer, It's just that we are very impatient.

It just feels a bit strange every time a game is developed that the community feels kept away from the reality of the developement. I've never seen a company including the community in the reality of the developement, by for examples tweeting every several days what they are currently working on ( like textures on X place, or fixing errors in the code causing crashes or whatever) even if it would seem boring to talk about it. I think that the lack of communication builds pressure upon the developer because expectations are being built at the same time in the playerbase. Re schedules wouldn't appear as frustrating if the developement info was more transparent and casual in my opinion. it feels very formal to receive update news about the state of a game that feels very personal and fun.

Well all that is no rant, I'm just being genuinely impatient to play and fully dedicate my self to a character and a playstyle with my friends, without the menacing shadow of wipe in the horizon.

that day, I'll buy the full 100$ package to show my gratitude.


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